Today We Shot Our Biggest Video Yet

Today we shot what I believe will be our biggest video yet. It isn't going to be big because we featured a famous photographer because I, Lee Morris was the photographer. We did something very different today; something I believe has never been done before. It will take us a few weeks to edit down the video but until then you can see a few shots from our shoot and try to guess why this shoot was significant.





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These shots are stunning!
Can't wait to see....

Are these pictures taken on film?

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Nice edits Lee, that was fast. Yes guys, this could get interesting

Can't wait...


You've got me puzzled by the "never been done before" bit, perhaps moving portraits (although I'm sure this has been done before)?

Looks like high ISO; was this continuous light only? V cool images.

Hi, maybe this pics were taken from the video and used for prints

It's a great site, very inspiring!!!

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I have had a few people guess that they are frames taken from video. Good thought but that is but that is not the case. And yes, I am still sticking by my statement: I don't think anyone has done this before.

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I know and you didn't tell me

HUMMM...Cell Phone Shooting Tethered or from different states, Stay in NY and shoot in Miami via Satellite?? LOL

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Satellite tethered shooting...hahah that would be ridiculous; and should totally be done

The models were aliens from out of space...?! Hmm I am curious. I can see a noticable amount of grain in the shots. So perhaps the film idea wasn't that wrong, but well - has been done a trillion times before... well, but not with aliens I guess ;-)

Sick! I want to do something productive! haha can't wait to see the vid!

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They were shot with very high ISO ?! maybe 3200 ! with small continuos lights !

Were taken with a lens made by you????

You got hold on a RED Epic and did stills with it?

These are some crazy guesses! I know how these were taken, and I must say: Bravo

im with eddie on the cell phone part

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Wow, you guys have some crazy imaginations... I have to say after reading all of these I think some of these need to be done for sure. Hopefully the video will go live in a couple of weeks and you guys will really get to see how these images were created.

These pictures were taken with Medium Format camera ?

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Let me just say, if you are familiar with the Lee's images, having grain in quality studio shots is nothing new to him. There may or may not be a photoshop plug in for that :)

I agree with Lee though, some of these suggestions definitely need to be attempted (great BTS video ideas by the way if you want that free camera). Someone has to try Eddie's suggestion haha that would rock!

I do not think they are small constant lights, look at the catch lights in photo #2. They are HUGE! Definitely strobes which makes me think no high ISO at all but added for effect or to throw us off. The colors are also really wild which means these were heavily photoshopped as well.

These are a false photographs. Red dress is cutout and paste on background look at blurry hair. Bad photo job. Not sure on last image but it is very best

The images were taken with an iPhone or other cellphone camera and processed with software inside the mobile device.

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I will agree that it is poor Photoshop but we didn't cut and paste in fake backgrounds.

my 2ct's is that its been done with fairly long exposure times.


iPhone using Tilt Shift Generator

The iPad has something to do with this shots???

my guess is tethered to iPad, or running OnOne Remote to iPad.