Who Gets Excited About Wedding Photography?

Most photographers get sick to their stomach when they hear the term "wedding photography" but I actually perk up when I hear someone speaking about it. Contrary to popular belief, I am not a iPhone fashion photographer, I am actually a full time wedding photographer. In fact, Patrick Hall (the other founder of Fstoppers) is as well. Of course we both shoot commercial work too, but our true expertise is weddings.

To get Fstoppers.com rolling we knew that we would have to create a lot of the videos ourselves but we didn't want to start off with weddings because we figured that most photographers wouldn't be very interested. Now that Fstoppers has grown considerably it is time for me to ask; Do you want to see behind the scenes wedding videos? We will definitely make these videos eventually but we want Fstoppers.com to have a solid community of wedding photographers first. If you are a wedding photographer please post your website/work in this forum post so that we can all learn from each other.

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I, for one, would LOVE to see some wedding photos. For a long time, I considered what I would want to shoot. I thought about photojournalism, fashion, sports, products, wedding... pretty much everything. I spent a couple years her and a couple there and finally decided that weddings are the perfect combination of all those (minus sports, I guess... usually). I tried to get some local guys to let me help out, to no avail, so now I'm doing it myself. I'm far from the skill level I'd like to be at, but I don't know any other way to get there other than doing it and reading everything I can on the subject. It not only excites me, it's been all I can think about for far too long.

Post your wedding stuff, PLEEEASE, I'm eager and ready to become the best I can be.

YESSSS!!! Definitely want videos about this..

Why not? ;)

Yes please. I started visiting fstoppers only because I knew you guys were wedding photographers and I was actually hoping that you would post some good BTS.

You guys are the best!

I am a photographer mainly but have been editing loads of wedding video recently, I would love a BTS of the editing/software/workflow.
Your videos are spot on, inspired for sure.

Yes please. Keep up the great work guys.

I think every photographer, whatever his or her preferred subject has at one time or another been asked and tempted by the lure of wedding photography. Personally it scares the bjesus out of me, but I have agreed to do a small scale wedding where they're not expecting too much, other than nice pictures - it would be nice to get any tips on things like crowd control etc.

I'm no pro-- not even a serious amateur. BTS for all types of photography are inspiring. I also like to see the tricks behind the magic.

I agree with stakx, any BTS video of shootings is inspiring :)
Please do that :D

Wedding photography is scary when you have to face down Bridezilla yourself. When you get to watch a BTS video of someone else doing it, then it's entertainment.

I love wedding photography and a video would be amazing. I'm not a wedding photographer myself, I'm intimidated by the idea, but I definitely want to add it to my menu of services someday.


From all BTS videos you guys choose, we all learn something, even yourself. I'm 16 and starting to shoot weddings under my father & friends business. I would really appreciate a wedding BTS. Always wanting to learn..

I am a wedding videographer, so maybe we can see some about videos as well?

Wedding photography is bread and butter for many photographers, why not discuss it? Anyone who sneers is a snob. Besides, if photography, especially journalistic-style photography, is about capturing unique moments of human expression than there are few events more ripe for capturing than the gamut of emotions experienced at a wedding.

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It would be great to see wedding photography, someone who only shoots prime, available light, off camera flash etc.

I would love to see some wedding photography on here!! In the beginning I knew NOTHING about photography and just loved taking pictures. I just started my own business, but I need to learn more. Everything I've done I have learned from the field, so more resources to learn from the better! Thank you in advance :D

Facebook: Stephanie Wheeler Photography

I started out with wedding videography and then started shooting photos as a second camera, so I got to do the journalistic side of things. Now I'm starting up my own wedding photography business and I would be very interested in a BTS video. I've read a number of books and done plenty of online research about wedding photography, but never have seen a BTS of the shooting.

For those intimidated by wedding videography, see about getting on board as a second shooter so that you have the ability to shoot at a wedding but not have the worry about being the only one to capture it professionally. Doing this got my courage up to shoot as the main photographer, just a suggestion.

I simply love wedding pictures - both shooting them and looking at them. Everybody are happy and having a great time, and the wedding couple always looks so much in love. They just makes my mood so good. So yes, BTS wedding videos would be highly appreciated.

Different strokes for different folks. I'd take a job at MickyD's before I'd shoot weddings, portraits, youth team sports, events. But I'm glad someone likes doing these things, because it stops clients from asking me!

Not a snob, just someone who has a low tolerance to things I find boring -- if it ain't fun why do it. YMMV

Weddings? YES! My wife and I have started shooting weddings with my photographer mother-in-law, who mostly shoots seniors and family portraits. We've shot about 6 weddings (and have another this weekend, btw) and it has been so much fun!

I've looked at Lee Morris's wedding site and his work is amazing. It would be great to pick his brain for tips and tricks!

I'm looking forward to seeing any BTS videos and information you have to share!

c.d.embrey --
I never meant to imply that you or any photographer who doesn't do wedding photography is a snob. I said those who sneer at it are snobs. It's understandable to not enjoy a genre, it's another to look down on it. I trust you're the former not the latter.

No offense intended. Just different strokes for different folks.

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Embrey, are you really saying you'd work for $7 an hour taking orders at McDonalds when you could be making 20x that working one day a week and having free time and money to do any other type of photography you want on the other 6 days? You must be a harder worker than I; I have a hard time eating McDonalds yet alone working there for a day.

@Patrick Hall Admin

There are other things beside wedding, portrait and events in the photo world. Things like editorial, advertising (both print and tv commercials). I've been doing this for a long time and if it all went away I'd get out of photography because I don't like doing drudge work. And to me weddings, portrait and events are drudge work. As I said before YMMV.

I think it would be awesome if you did some wedding BTS videos.

Wedding photography has become more 'fashionable' since I was doing them a couple of decades ago.

I'm sure there are many who shoot them and don't want to admit it because their goal is some other type of photography.

Plus there are so many aspects that overlap with other types of photography.

So I think a lot of people would love it.


A loaded poll, I didn't want to vote "weddings are lame" but at the same time I am much more interested in seeing behind the scenes videos from fashion and commercial shoots.

86% who wants to see this, told ya it was a thing to show buddy! :)

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hi, I really think that wedding photography is very difficult because you never have time to think (at least this is the case in Spain where I live) and because you're not working with models that are getting paid to pose...I both love and hate it but I'm sure I'd like to see somm wedding BTS.

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Florin, that is why I enjoy weddings so much. Anyone can make a compelling photo when you have hair, makeup, models, and an iphone ha! In all seriousness, weddings are tough work and you can incorporate commercial, fashion style lighting, portraiture, macro (with the rings), and in a sense sports shooting because you are constantly reading people and having to track focus quickly. I'm convinced that an amazing wedding photographer can do it all and it def helps people figure out what field they'd like to ultimately go into. Plus it pays better than any other field in photography I've found yet. New wedding videos are on the way for sure!