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Beautiful! Excellent lighting!

thank you Dennis!


;-) thanks Simchy!!

Great portrait...colors are awesome and her eyes especially. Love her expression too...basically everything is working here.

Thank you Jesse! Yeah she knocked it out of the park.

Love that look. Looks like she's up to something.

hahaha! thanks Don, yeah if you knew her that statement fits her perfectly!

This is mint… how do you type the thumbs up emoticon? :P

hahaha thank you Percy!

great expression!

she was definitely on point Rob

Great lighting and colors!

Impressive. Love the light, soft colors and the wonderful background. A beautiful image of a beautiful woman.

thanks a lot Randy!

Grate shot!

Wow! Love how you separated the background from the subject!

Thanks Will, most of my Headshots are shot beyond 150mm

Great look!

thanks again Joe!

Nice work!

I like the shot, but something for me is off. I would have moved her more to the left, getting her positioned out toward the open space of the shot. Not that she's posed wrong, just that the open space for me should be on camera right in this particular shot. There seems to be a tension between the model staged to the right that works against the shot for me. I notice much of your work is this way. Is your thinking that the eye should flow into the shot toward the model? My thinking would be the model's pose is staged to open up to the space filled side of the shot, not having her back toward the negative space. This type of shot does work better if the model is the first element you encounter in the shot, with the negative space on the right, but when the negative space is the first thing you encounter with the model edging to the right, it always looks odd to me. Still, it's a great piece of work. Nicely done!