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this one's my favorite. nice work.

Thanks so much Ian!

One of my favorites not just because you are a badass but because I was able to see how you shot this in traffic and wind!

hahaha thanks a lot man I really appreciate it!


One of the best portraits I have seen in a long time. Nice and crisp.

Thank you so much Helge!

How is this not five stars? Joe, the algorithm is off or something.

hahahaha! thank you Chris!

Really nice headshot Dylan. The DOF is spot on!

Thank you!

Amazing Shot

thank you Levi!

well done!

Thank you Rob!

I like the color in this. Great depth as well

Thank you John!

Wow you guys are really good professional photgraphers, this photo is so cool. Theres something in it that just pull me in to look. Is there some special light tool that makes his face glow and standout like that?

thanks soopy its a combo of the Octa light I used on him and the compression of using a long lens

Nice. I love the lighting. And Patrick says you shot this in traffic and wind? I'd be interested in hearing about how you keep your setup portable and still achieve that studio look.

Thanks Phillip! I honestly don't remember much traffic but there was tons of wind. I used 2 lights here, on stands we just sand bagged them....usually when I'm by myself I just use whatever I can find laying around, after awhile wind is just a minor irritation. bricks, backpacks, rocks whatever...occasionally the octa would swing away from him I'd just keep moving it back :)

Excellent work! World class!

Thanks so much Dennis!

Insane. Perfect shot on every level.

thanks again Christian

Your work is incredible Dylan. How do you manage your strobes when working on location, assistants? I started out shooting with strobes, but found them cumbersome and very time consuming to set up/tear down when moving between locations.

Thank you Brad, really awesome of you to say! Generally when I'm doing a headshot session I don't need to move far as simply turning a bit can give a drastically different background at 160-200mm, for my environmental shots I haul them around more. 99.9% of the time I'm working alone so it's just me that deals with them. I find the effort in hauling them is worth it, that and speed lights don't weigh too much so that helps ;-) Moving the big Elinchrom kit around is more of a pain, but I just feel like the results are always worth the sweat, oh and my wife is a massage therapist so that helps too LOL

Great image!

Thank you Robert!

Wonderful lighting fantastic shot!

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