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Eternal Sail

My Friend Ananth and me reached Delhi on an evening flight after a long tiresome journey from our base location Mysore. Our destination was Agra- to shoot Taj Mahal during the sun rise. We managed to board a noisey and chaotic bus from Delhi and reached somewhere we can call nowhere, on the roads of Agra, at around 4 am in the morning. There were no taxis, no autos, none to even ask where is Taj, or even where the place we booked to stay. It was foggy and cold as we were not expecting similar weather in March, that too in Delhi region.
After few minutes of wait we managed to find an Auto whom dropped us to a place of stay where we had booked. The room smelled dust and mosquitos welcomed us. We somehow managed to sleep for approx 1.5 hours that night and woke up around 6:15 am and rushed to capture the sunrise at taj. We bought the tickets to taj, but we went behind initally as we wanted the monument shot from the different point of view. Ananth managed to bargain with a boatman who was taking his morning shower near the banks of River Yamuna, for a boat ride for about 15 minutes. The boatman was not very freindly initilaly, but agreed to row from front and we got to sit behind the boat. It was foggy and the sun rose slowly revealing the beautiful wonder in its soft light. This was the moment we waited for, we had the subject, backgorund and lighting, and the shutter button was pressed to frame this shot.

Canon 550D
18mm · f/8.0 · 1/250s · ISO 200
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i've seen a lot of photos of taj mahal but this one get my attention. i'm planning to visit this place but until now am still in my couch.

M very glad to hear this Elmer. :)
good luck visiting India.

Wow, this is amazing! Great colours.

thank you. :)

5 stars

Coming from you, means alot to me Damian. :)