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This is probably the simplest my photography and post production will ever get! LOL

I tend to favor my nifty-fifty when I shoot in my studio but this time I used my 85mm Prime and it always helps to have a great team to help in achieving wonderful images.

With the lighting setup I had a beauty dish to the right up high and angled down. A softbox on the left to soften the shadow and another light high and angled down with a barn door and grid as a hair light.

Model: Shelley Philips
MUAH: Mishel Vounatsos Bratsos

Canon 5D Mk II
50mm Prime F1:4
Godox QT-600w x3
700mm Beauty Dish
Soft Box
Grided barn doors

Canon 5D Mark II
85mm · f/8.0 · 1/200s · ISO 200
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Love the lighting and tones!

Thanks Lance

I've seen a lot of your work over the years mate but personally I think this might be one of the best portraits you've done.

The lighting is classically simple and beautiful, the composition and emotion draws me right in and the post work is masterfully executed.

I just keep coming back to stare at it.


gorgeous... love that light

Thanks Tim

Great shot!