i just love window-light (or balkony - to be fair)
yes, light hits her chest a bit more than face, but its so soft and gives depths ... hope you like her
i enjoyed it shooting her in my very new flat

Canon 6D
24mm · f/1.4 · 1/2500s · ISO 160
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Love this.....well done

Super cool!

I love the tone! Great work

Great shot and quite honestly one of the best looking models I've seen.

still, inked girls divied the masses, one love them the others hate them ;)

I guess because I work with alt models a lot I tend to not differentiate between inked and non inked models. This model has an amazing body and face structure and looks great at putting across subtle expressions. Haha it didn't even occur to me she was an "inked model". In any case great job capturing her!!

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