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unLimited 1

last scene of unLIMITED set styled and shot be me using Canon 5D MK II + Sigma 24mm f/1.4 Art . Shot at my childhood yard in Yerevan, Armenia.

more at www.thiternik.com

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so love this shot and art form. The color graded is spot on?

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thank you, I didn't really understand your question, did you mean if the color grading was done right while shooting?

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YES Color grading is so lovely and smooth, I really like it. Can you share what program you used to get this effect and how did you do it? what MM lens did you use for this shot?

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hi, well I try to get all possible right while shooting an afterwards do a little curve toning on overall image. right on this pictue there is seperate toning of the skin, bringing down the saturation level + a uniform tone for the whole picture in the end along with some dodge and burn. I shot this using CPL filter prior doing white balance adjustements on camera + a silver reflector with sun on the right. Shot on Canon 5D MK II + Sigma 24mm f/1.4 ART

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