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unLimited *

Fstoppers article with BTS and all the technical details of this picture at:

last scene of unLIMITED set styled and shot be me using Canon 5D MK II + Sigma 24mm f/1.4 Art + 1 speedlite and silver reflector. Shot at my childhood yard in Yerevan, Armenia.

more at www.thiternik.com

Canon 5D MK II
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Eric Pare's picture

beautiful ::)

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thanks Eric

Luis Quezada's picture

Nicely done!

Emma Grigoryan's picture

thank you

Brett Simpson's picture

Truly amazing.

Emma Grigoryan's picture

thank you

Khatleen Minerve's picture

Putting that wide angle to effective and brilliant use!

Emma Grigoryan's picture

totally in love with wide angle portraiture ! working on an article for this soon !

Steve Davies's picture

So love this shot. I keep coming back to it.

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oh thank you ! that's so motivating to know

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I very much like balancing light with ambient light, so all get blended. I am planning to do an article either on this particular image or on wide angle portraiture in general, will go in detail then. The flash was camera left in octabox, for post I used Lightroom virtual copy for some specific colors to mask in layers later

Ale Vidal's picture

This is absolutely stunning!!! The composition, the magnificent use of a wide lens and also the post production. Amazing mood!! Not sure about those boots though, but great!!

Emma Grigoryan's picture

thank you, my theme styling required the boots and the leather parts - like the jacket , I am not a fan of cute things :)

Michael Kelly's picture

Nice job of using the wide angle, hitting those bad-ass boots first! Conveying toughness and beauty together. I especially love the jade neckless which adds a touch of class and shows that individual stylistic choice is so important. It's the little things, yo!

Emma Grigoryan's picture

Thanks for the detailed observation. I really appreciate that as I try to work on every detail of the shoot and glad it oays off ))

Richard Spurdens's picture

Like your low angle and use of this location.

Roberto Sali's picture

I like the perspective , it is according to the angle of the model. I find it challenging and together with the colors , sharpness and contrast I think this photo is phenomenal

Emma Grigoryan's picture

thank you very much, you will be able to read the story of he photo and go behind the scenes of it during this week on Fstoppers, check the upcoming articles this week !

Roberto Sali's picture

Oh, great. apreciatted this news

romain VERNEDE's picture

she looks like a giant doll due to perspective, like it

Emma Grigoryan's picture

indeed :)

Anonymous's picture

Stunning image.

Anonymous's picture

Love the setting, toning, approach and overall theme.

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Tony Ciccone's picture

The photography is simply beautiful! Knowing that your soul giggle and had fun makes it special. Did you shoot at 1.4? If so, was your focus point set on the face or on the body?

Emma Grigoryan's picture

hey, thanks! yes I shot at f/1.4 and I always focus on face

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gooooood shot

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Awesome shot! Love this.

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