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I was about to leave Mauritius, where I spend 3 years of non-stop shooting. The last month was loaded with orders but I couldn't leave without making this shoot. Back then I just started experimenting mixing daylight and speedlite. All the styling and shoot sketches were done prior to the shooting day so all we had to do was to get on the location and replicate what was already sketched on the paper in between my other shoots. I was lucky to have stunning Karen Nicolini as my model.
Here I used just 1 speedlight with a deep around 90cm octa-softbox mixed with the daylight of around 4.30 PM Mauritian sun. We shot on the roof, so the daylight was in a perfect angle. As always I want to show that independent confident woman, vibrating her own energy.

whole set at:

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Nice image but the watermark right in the center ruins it.

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hi, thanks for the feedback
when I shot this I had big issues in that area with copyright, people just tend to save and use my photos with no credits and all, so it was a way of protecting ) now I am cooler on this subject and watermark goes small on some corner

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No issues with the watermark here...I can barely see it and am instead focused on her strong pose.

I like this because it's a lot different. Strong and confident. nice work!

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thank you, I am more than happy to read what you wrote, cause that's what I wanted to pass through this whole shoot

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Love the surreal feel Great choice in b/w

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thanks, the whole set was shot directly in BW and the whole lighting and styling was done according to the initial decision to have the set on bw

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Just perfect