shot in a narrow tunnel of streets with sunlight as backlight,
no additional lights used

Canon 6D
35mm · f/2.8 · 1/1250s · ISO 160
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Great shot! Did you do some thing to control the distortion of the 35mm lens?

thx man!
i never control distortion in any lens (for people)
i shot via viewfinder , i see the picture with all distortions the lense has, i choose a specific poitn of view because of that
if i would change the distortion afterwards, i would alter the image in a negative way

Thanks! You inspire me to try out 35mm for these kind of shots..

Very nice photo. Could give some insight into the editing? Not the retouching (removing facial blemishes, for example), but tone and, particularly, color correction! I'd really appreciate it.

color editing is a matter of "feeling" - its near impossible to explain why i've chosen which color
so, i am afraid i really cant help you there ...
i may give you a tip: spent some time with the white balnce in the raw converter, and just look how colors react there - then you get the hang of color editing :)

Great composition, and I find the model's features to be very charming! Bravo! Love it!

Great shot! Everything is on point.

I'm wondering why the lens wasn't flagged to prevent flare.

i like flares. thats why. (beside its hard to prevent flares from light, coming straight upfront to your lens since no hood will prevent from it)

I kinda thought it might have been a conscious choice. Since the sun is outside the frame, I'm guessing that it could have been flagged, especially since this isn't an UWA lens, but it would take some care and would slow down your shooting. I'm not opposed to flare always, but I do find it a bit distracting in this case. Otherwise a lovely image and nice use of converging lines.

Gorgeous shot, love the soft brown tones!

Polished, love the flare of light running through the image..

I love the natural beauty of this shot. This is definitely a Wow factor photo. The lighting is 100% perfect Martin.


Very nice! I like the flair and the color treatment. Would be nice to see it larger to look at the skin work. Great natural feel.

skin is "with pores" ... :-D