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Volcano at Sunrise

April 19, 2016

My flight left Acapulco before dawn, and on the hour long flight to Mexico City my brother and I were treated to a great view of the city lights and then a spectacular sunrise. I noticed some smoke on the horizon and couldn't quite register what I was seeing. Just the night before, my cousin Angie had told me there was a volcano near Cuernavaca, and now I was flying over the city and seeing it first hand - with smoke coming out of it!

I was just taking pics with my phone, because the lights were on in the cabin and there were really visible reflections in the pics. As we got closer, the pilot turned off all the lights in the cabin and I knew I had to switch to my SLR. Add to the fact that the flight was only half full, and I was able to move about the cabin snapping away for about 5 minutes as we passed the volcano. Truly a once in a lifetime opportunity!

44mm · f/2.8 · 1/80s · ISO 800
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What a fantastic shot, once in a life time, congrats!!!

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Thank you! Much appreciated!

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Superb. Amazing scenery

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Thanks! I definitely got lucky with this one!