Jeff Bridges by Kurt Iswarienko by Kurt Iswarienko
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Jeff Bridges by Kurt Iswarienko

September 8, 2016

Jeff is one of those people who transcends the craft he is in as an actor. He is so open and tactile in how he interacts and thinks that moments seem to ooze out of him effortlessly. In the context of photography, that translates to an incredibly collaborative and rewarding experience. This photo session was just easy and fun. It was like two old friends strumming a guitar together and realizing a great song had been written under our noses without even trying. Jeff has no ego or vanity as far as I could tell and that made photographing him about as free and honest as it has even been for me. That's why I loved this session, and this one in particular so much - the unpretentious purity of his personality.

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