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FLW Last designed home

Frank Lloyd Wright last designed home located in Paradise Valley, AZ. Had to capture this original furniture and layout while dealing with tough lighting condition. Place a strip on my 3x3 softbox and walked around lighting each element with my profoto b1. Used a couple frames to with a white bounce umbrella to cover the room. Layered in photoshop then blended with a couple ambient exposures.

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Love this, very well done!

Nice even light across the frame...

Majestic shot.

Because I am unfamiliar with your technique, I would like to see an expanded and illustrated explanation. This photograph is amazing!

Great light, nice window pull! If I were to be super picky, I'd say declutter a bit more... Prairie style or Arts and Crafts follows the ideology of "form follows function." That big cluster of throw pillows are too much. But of course if FLW intended them to be there - nothing much you can do. I doubt they were part of his original vision but I could be wrong. Either way, you did a nice job. Tough space

This is very high quality work with such wonderful lighting for a crisp expression though a natural looking light.