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Arcadia Essense

Balancing the interior lights and shadows during a sunset in phoenix. Several fill layers and ceiling bounces with a profoto b1. Added a couple more umbrella bounces to the patio furniture to balance the transition of light from interior to exterior.

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Mike Van Tassell's picture

Beautiful shot. Thats some view.

ashley list's picture

Fantastic balance between the outside and in. Trying hard to get this balance on my photos, so truly something to aim for. Only read the comments after, so impressed with the lighting. Would have given it a 5 but the sensor dot on the upper right ceiling beam :) sorry to be picky was taking a very close look.

Pål-Harald Uthus's picture

Great lighting. Coming from Europe my preference is a bit less artificial light interior scenes, but it is based on preference and it is very skillfully done.