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Music For The Soul

This is Riomaggiore, the first of the Cinque Terre villages in Italy that one meets when travelling north from La Spezia.

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Wow, I've been there! My wife and I had scones and americanos in the cafe just over the standing woman's head

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Thank you Carl! :)

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Very Special, I was there earlier this year ,,,, this is the best I've seen,,,

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Thank you Andrew! appreciate it :)

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Very beautyful. the atmosphere, the woman with the hood and the relaxing girl laying in the rock really sets the scene.

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Thank you Leon!

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When we were in Italy in 2014 we planned on going to the Cinque Terre Villages. We planned on taking the train, unfortunately there was a transportation strike the day we planned to go and ended our plans to get there. Made it as far as Pisa.

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Hats off. Fantastic work !

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Thank you! :)