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Jonathan Falls

Without a doubt one of my favorite images. EVER. This waterfall is located in the Laurel Highlands region of southwestern Pennsylvania. Somewhere I never saw myself going and a real hidden gem. Stumbling unto places like this are always an incredible experience and its in these moments that I truly find myself. They are far and few between but when they occur, it is something that gets me high in ways I cant experience anyway else.

This fall is part of a series of waterfalls along a deserted 2 mile trail inside Ohiopyle State Park. The park ranger directed us to the trail after a few failed attempts to locate it and even mentioned in passing that we would have it all to ourselves. This was an understatement as the most action we saw while hiking the faint sound of a jet liner buzzing over heard. This waterfall was more majestic, and difficult to reach; than its brother Upper Jonathan Falls and required a hazardous descent down a steep dirt cliffside. The falls were surrounded by the effects of an autumn in full swing and with temps hovering at mid 30's, the experience of producing this photograph was pure magic.

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