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Austin X Air

This is a compilation of three months worth of filming in and around Austin, TX. Yes, I am sure a few UAV rules were broken but to be fair, all footage was shot before the new licensing requirements came out and I felt compelled to do this project before as I knew they would become more strict.

Austin is essentially where I call home. It has gone through an enormous amount of change due to growth over the last ten years and I wanted to capture both the beauty of the city as well as the downsides to some of its newfound popularity. Hopefully it isn't too obvious what those are in this short film. Editing took me well over year as I was never quite satisfied with the footage itself nor were my editing skills up to par. But eventually, you just have to put it out there or risk it being archived forever. Shot on a DJI Phantom 3 Pro and edited entirely in Premiere Pro. Enjoy!

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