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Bright Lights

This image was taken on Folly Beach located just south of Charleston, SC. It was the only morning I went out shooting during my time there but it turned out to be one of the most incredible light shows I have ever seen. Knowing the sun would be rising at 6:45 AM, I arrived 45 mins early. Full of gear including my DJI Drone, I saw the light breaking the horizon and started a jog to the beach to hopefully fire off a few shots as well as fly the drone before the sun broke the horizon. This particular color palette of orange and blue is hard to come by, particularly with the cloud formations present and a slow rising tide. Usually you have none of the factors or maybe one of each, but rarely all 3. Dumb luck in this case. The resulting sunrise shot is one of my favorites and came at a time when I was feeling down and out about my art and pursuits in photography.

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