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Claire-Louisa P.

I shot this using only the light from the small window to her left
i wish the dressed would not be as messy as it was

i carefully placed her bright faceside against the dark background and the darker part against the brighter window in the right bg.
i think it gives her a god separation...
nowadays i would may retouch it a bit more natural

Canon 5D Mark III
85mm · f/2.2 · 1/160s · ISO 800
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The dress looks fine to me and I'm usually very fussy when it comes to dresses. :) It's a great shot. The lighting and colours are terrific. The only thing that bothers me is the mat on the ground.

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thx mate. i may could have removed the light part of the mat ... but yes. it's nearly perfect ;)

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awesome gallery Martin! :)

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thx Cris!!!