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Cerro Fitzroy at Sunrise

Mt. Fitzroy bathed in golden light of sunrise outside El Chalten, Patagonia, Argentina.
Patagonia is a long way away from where I live in the Pacific Northwest of the USA, so when you get to an iconic photography location like this, you are naturally keeping your hopes up that weather conditions will cooperate. On our first two attempts to photograph sunrise at this location, we were disappointed by the cloud cover snuffing out any hope of seeing Fitzroy. But on the third morning, with our bags packed and ready to go, we drove out to this location and were treated to a beautiful sunrise, with dispersing rain clouds that made everything even more dramatic.

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This is astounding, Stuart! What I appreciate about this most is that it appears to be spectacular in a natural, "real" way, and not because of editing work that you did to it. Landscapes that look like real life will always ring true with me.

By the way, I, too, live in the Pacific Northwest. Love it here!