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Sunset at the Apostles

Sunset at The Twelve Apostles monument near Port Campbell National Park, Victoria, Australia. On this particular summer evening, it seemed to be a game of cat-and-mouse. The sky went from being perfectly clear in the northwest to some wispy clouds rolling in just before the sun sank to the horizon. Then it happened – passion in the sky that was reflected back onto the terrain and water. It went from orange to pink to red and then to a dull ashen gray as the fire in the sky burned itself out. It was an unforgettable evening on the Southern Ocean in the underbelly of the Australian continent along the Great Ocean Road.

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I'm from that part of the world originally, so I'm undoubtedly biased, but I think it is a fantastic photograph of this most stunning piece of coastline :)

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Thanks for all the Likes, Chris. I loved Australia & New Zealand and plan to return to both in the very near future.

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