People of Harvey - Brad by Brad Coleman
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People of Harvey - Brad

September 12, 2017

“If you strip the politics away and get down to the events and situations and people, all of a sudden agreement happens. We are all chilled out in our comfort with our little phone thingys, and that’s when we are throwing rocks. But when stuff hits the fan it’s like all of that is forgotten and we just help each other. Facebook is cool but I can’t eat it, it won’t hug me, it won’t pull me out of a house, ya know?”
Brad came down from Austin with a truck and a boat. He stayed in Houston for a week, helping with rescue efforts and eventually taking families displaced from their flooded homes back to salvage anything that hadn’t been destroyed. A brilliant musician and self-proclaimed “ex-hippie”, we loved hearing his outlook on the reality a disaster like Harvey points to.

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