Portraits of Harvey - Elainna by Brad Coleman
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Portraits of Harvey - Elainna

October 17, 2017

"In the past, I’ve found myself trying to hold on to what I’ve known, to stay in a place that feels comfortable and safe. But I know I’ve transitioned into a season of stepping out into the unknown. Harvey was kind of a physical manifestation of that reality: the water from the bayou just kept rising. We watched our cars fill with water and knew our house was next. There were hours of not knowing what our lives were going to look like because of that storm. I feel like the Lord comforted me in those moments, though, and gave me a glimpse of where He wants my heart. I so often get ahead of myself and start thinking too much, even just two weeks into my future, and I get that overwhelming feeling of anxiety. He’s shown me so much of embracing the unknown is just taking things day by day, even moment by moment."
Elainna and her husband, Russell, live a couple hundred feet from Buffalo Bayou. Like so many of us, they encountered the hours and even days of uncomfortable uncertainty over what Hurricane Harvey would do to their possessions, their home, and their lives.

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