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February 8, 2017

My Grandpa is a man's man. He is rugged and brilliant. He brews his own beer and hunts every opportunity he gets. He has a PhD in chemical engineering and has a huge heart that loves others so well. I am so proud to be his grandson! What a honor it was shooting this portrait.

Camera - Pentax 645z
Lens - Pentax 90mm Macro f/2.8
1/125 second shutter

Lighting was a medium softbox camera right

90mm · f/2.8 · ISO 100
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Nelson Jewell's picture

Nice work, Brad. Nice balance of light and shadow. The stories I bet he could tell.

Brad Coleman's picture

Thank you Nelson! He does have some amazing stories!

Niteen Kasle's picture

Beautiful lighting and colors

Matthias Dengler's picture

Nice character indeed. I love the indirect humor of the shot, with the band wrapped around his hat. Great work!

Brad Coleman's picture

Thanks Matthias!