Stokksnes by Rafal Hyps
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November 6, 2017

Stokksnes has been my dream photography destination for a while. I considered it the best landscape location in the world simply by judging the works of other photographers from the place.
I finally had the opportunity to go there in August 2017. The location is interesting due to the fact that it is a private property and the owner charges you a fee for the entrance. It is the only place in Iceland where I have been charged an entrance fee.
They have even gone an extra mile and installed a self check-in machine accepting credit card payments!

Putting the formalities aside, there is a reason why every picture from that place is awesome. It is an authentic paradise for a landscape photographer that offers limitless and always spectacular compositions with nice foreground elements (black sand dunes, ocean), reflection if needed, and the amazing 454-meter Vestra-Horn mountain in the background.

If you plan a trip to Stokksnes, please remember that a very wide angle is highly recommended to capture the entire mountain (even wider than 17mm on a full frame camera).

The picture above is a panorama consisting of five portrait shots taken during the blue hour. The individual wearing the yellow jacket is me.

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Cesar A Mendez Garcia's picture

love, love, love!! Excelent shot
I'm going there next week, I hope to get good conditions

Rafal Hyps's picture

It looks so different every time...