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Friday Night Blues

This night I was hiking along the coastline looking for a spot to get some wavepatterns. Went to this place south of town where there is a couple of spots where the waves come in really nice when the cindiotions are the right. The weather didn´t show any signs to deliver a decent sunset, but I stayed a while just to enjoy that almost hypnotic sound of the waves slowly rushing in over the rocks. Snapped a few shots just for the cause of it and packed my gear. When I stood there watching what I had managed to catch the sky suddenly lit up in pastel colours. An opening in the low clouds revealed a higher level of clouds that got some nice backlight from the sun that now was below the horizon. Swearing over the fact that I had already packed my gear, I had to slip back down again and found this little rockformtation to use as foreground and waited for the right wave to come in. Once again I had had to learn the lesson to be patient and wait till everything is over.

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