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Final Destination

It´s a breathtaking view you are served when you walk out to the platform above Vöringsfossen. When I arrived a few hours before sunset after a 10 hour drive the place was packed with tourists and the steel platform was shaking from all the people and the sky was totally overcast. Snapped a few shots to check differnt compositions and perspectives. After a while a rainshower came in and solved the problem with too many people. Just in time for sunset the skies started to clear and I had the place all by my self.

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Absolutely stunning view! I love the the cold colors and the little touch of warm tones! Well done!
In my opinion, nothing is better than a little rain shower. After then the clouds are so unique and fantastic. And of curse, the most people are gone ;)

Best wishes to Sweden, and merry christmas!

Thank you very much :) Yes this place is absolutely stunning. You are standing almost 200 meters above the bottom of the gorge with the winding stream as a perfect line in to the scene. It was my first visit to the place. Hoping for a return next year.

Excellent!! What an image!!

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