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Grimsholmen Blues

I was hiking along the coastline this evening at a beautiful spot just a short way south of my home town. A cold western wind from did its best to freeze my fingers to ice. The sky showed no signs at all that there should be conditions for a decent sunset. Just pale blue skies and thin clouds. Set up my camera on the very edge of some flat rocks and fired a few shots just to see what it should look like. Suddenly, when the sun almost touched the horizon, the clouds exploded in orange and a memorable sunset took its start. I was quite surprised over the colours. They usually tends to be moore red with these conditions. Nature never stops deliver surprises.

The water is very shallow at this location and always filled with sand after a couple of days with windy conditions, making it a bit hard to get contrast in the wavepatterns. A ploarizer is definetly to recommend.

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