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Just In Time

From a memorable day at Rjukandefoss, Norway, last summer. After a rainy night in Årdal, about an hours drive from this place, I woke up to see the clouds and fog crawl along the mountain sides. Quickly decided to pack and head off to Hemsedal. After driving the wrong way for a while I finally got it right and arrived just in time to see the sun start to break through the fog and clouds.

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Ralph Oechsle's picture

Really fantastic, well done !

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Thank you very much :)

Robert Katke's picture

Love this one! Especially the tones and composition! Well done!

Mattias Boman's picture

Thank you very much :)

William Nicholson's picture

Your water photos are beyond awesome, you sure know how to make it so real like I am standing there touching the water. Hope you do not mind, I have this photo as a screen saver for it is so peaceful.

Mattias Boman's picture

Thank you very much for the kind words :)

Rodney Omeokachie's picture

Your landscapes are on another level. I love the drama and your use of vignettes.