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December 27, 2017

This architecture is called Shimane Art Museum, located in western side of Japan.
I was attracted to its architectural beauty for many years.

I shot this photography with a vision.
The vision is continuity of modern times and ancient times.

The modern times mean that the beautiful, dynamic and continuous curves of the architecture. And ancient times mean that the scudding clouds. The area of this museum used to be called “Izumo”. Izumo means clouds. So, clouds are deeply connected to the area.

That’s why I shot this photography and what I want to express in this photography.

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Stunning.....well done

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Wow, this is so good.

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Thank you very much!

great looking image to have in your portfolio, well done...

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Really nice.

Very nice, it’s hard to look away.

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Nice shoot!

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wow . So inspiring.