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Strength in Silence

The bridge in this photography is called Akashi-Kaikyo bridge, the longest span bridge in the world, located in Japan.
This is not a photography that I just want to express this bridge’s scale.

When this bridge was constructing, a big earthquake happened. Although its magnitude was 7.3, this bridge was not damaged. I learned these bridge histories, then I visited this bridge.

When I saw this bridge, I felt that it was not only a large-scale bridge, but also there was great force of will of engineers. I think I could feel their will because I’m also an engineer. That's why I took this photography.

So, in this photography, I want to express not only the strength of bridge but also the will of engineers, in contrast with gentle ocean waves and scudding clouds.

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This is really inspiring wondering what lens was used and other details...? Great work.

I had the opportunity of visiting this bridge with a techinal staff during my internship in IHI 重工業 when I was still pursuing a career in civil engineering.
Upon seeing this photo I immediately recognized the truss-like structure with heavy girders, the longest main span suspension bridge in the world, which was one of the most memorable places I've visited as a student.
Since Japan was also the birth of my interest in photography, this image strikes me in too many ways..
Thank you for this picture!

Thank you Gabriel!

splendid simply neat work Naoki

This is spectacular!