This architecture is called Kohoku Junction, located in Japan.

I took this photography with a vision. The vision is to express life.

The roads in this photography represents life.
The shining part of this road represents life-changing event that makes our life bright.

I wanted to express the vision with this junction. This is because junctions meet up with roads, like we meet up with others.

The bridge piers in this photography represents people who can support others.

These people who can support others sometimes bring opportunities to meet others. Meeting new people sometimes have a good effect on life.

When I took this photography, I wanted to put a big bridge pier on right side of this photography. This is because I noticed that these bridge piers are very important in my life.

These are the vision and what I want to express in this photography.

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Love the lines.

Naoki, did you used to post your photos on the National Geographic YourShot site several years ago?

fantastic shot