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Hillbilly Fishing family photo

I make an annual portrait for the amazing Klatt family. They pick the theme and I make it happen through lighting and photoshop. They live near a lake in Minnesota but it was frozen over when we shot, so I had to photograph the family in a garage and composite a scene around them. It's been a blast watching the kids grow and trying to come up with something different every year!

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Very Cool!

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Thats such a cool image! Did you shoot each one of them individually or did you set up the whole boat in the garage as one group shot?

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They were all shot separately from a tripod so I could ensure each of their poses was solid, especially the boy falling out of the boat!

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impressive work Dan!

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This is amazing! I love it!

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This is absolutely amazing. I just can imagine how much work you put in, and why this family keeps booking you