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Mighty Taranaki

One of my favourite shots taken in New Zealand. Probably because it took a bit of time to plan.... The difficulty of this location is not really to access it but to get the correct conditions. The weather in Taranaki is highly unpredictable and when you have to take a plane to get there this makes it an expensive challenge....
After more than 3 years lurking at this location, all the stars seemed to align: long weekend, perfect weather window (no wind and no rain) and still snow on the top.
So I took a chance... and got only one evening where the weather allowed me to take a picture... but what an evening!

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That was absolutely worth it I'd say. Very nice shot. I can feel the sun and the warmth of the location. And I really like the placement of your signature. Not too obvious ;-)

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Haha! Yes, usually my signatures are hidden in the shot. This one is actually one of the most obvious one! :)