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Wharariki Sunset

This beach has been on my radar for quite a while now. The place is well known in the photography community for its reflections and amazing looking arches islands. Unfortunately, when I arrived at the beach, the sun was high in the sky and I couldn't see any clouds... Not the ideal situation for some good pictures! So I decided to spend a bit of time exploring the beach, looking for interesting compositions. I quite liked this one, with the herbs framing the islands, so I decided to settle there and wait for the conditions to become a bit better. The 60km/h wind gusts gently blasting sand in my eyes... After a while, the sun was low enough to create some nice shadows in the sand and I started to shoot. The picture I prefer of that session is this one, when the sun sets behind the clouds, creating a faded sun burst.

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I want to go to here... Take me here... I'll bring the beers.

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Haha! I'm always up for some beers mate! Hit me up when you're on this side of the world!

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Wow ! really very natural . I'm glad to see your post .

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Thank you Angelina! I am glad you enjoyed the natural feel to it... :)

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worth waiting for!

Nico BABOT's picture

Haha! Yes, always worth waiting a bit more before leaving!!! 😄

stephen brownhill's picture

awesome comp and such flawless smooth editing work! well done dude well done

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Thanks mate! Editing could always be better but we are our worse critique I guess! :)

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Nice work on the editing, could not have been an easy scene to reign in