Eruption of El Fuego by Nico BABOT
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Eruption of El Fuego

March 15, 2018

I spent a couple of days on top of the volcano Acatenango, overlooking at the volcano Fuego. The weather gave me a lot of clouds but the volcano finally appeared just as it was erupting at the end of blue hour, making the moment even more special.
I don't get often emotional but the sound mixed to the view (and maybe the lack of oxygen at 3976m! 😊) brought tears to my eyes... Last time I felt that small was when looking at Taranaki... And that was nothing in comparison!

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Wow, incredible image! Congratulations...

Anonymous's picture

WOW! Unbelievable!

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Thank you Deleted User. It was a crazy sunset that one!

Wow, incredible image. How close have you been to the volcano?

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This is about 1 or 2km away from the volcano. This is as close as I would dare to go but I know some people who went on the slopes of the volcano itself. Not sure the view is better from there... ;)

Lukas Bornheim's picture

That's an awesome shot. It's really difficult to criticize an image like this, because the scene is just so special. But I think the composition could be bit better here. Now I'll admit that I'm not usually a fan of having a person in my landscapes anyway, but I know that a lot of people do. However, if you do want to include someone, the person will become a second focal point (which is fine if you're going for the experience of being there). The problem I have is that both your subjects are on the left of the frame. Don't get me wrong, that sky is also pretty cool, but it doesn't have the same visual weight as the volcano and the person. So I would either have the person stand on the right of the volcano, or crop in a bunch from the right. In case you're not bored of my essay yet, I would also point out the relation of size between the person and the volcano, and the volcano and the shot itself. You wrote yourself that you felt incredeably small in that moment, yet visually, the person (is that you?) takes up a similar amount of the frame as the interesting part of the volcano. So if I had the chance to shoot this, I would try to make the volcano appear larger, both in the frame, and in relation to the person. Anyway, it's an amazing shot regardless, and there's a good chance that all that was just my opinion, and that no one else cares about those things. Great image!

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Hi Lukas, yes I totally agree with you. The image would be more balanced with the anchor on the right side of the image.
This image was taken with a particular use in mind: magazine cover. I took a few more vertical shots to the right after the eruption in order to create this pano but couldn't really shoot the first frame again as it took me 2 days to get those conditions.
I know, excuses, excuses... ;)

Lukas Bornheim's picture

Ah, that makes sense,that would look good as a magazine cover. How long does an eruption like that last actually?

Nico BABOT's picture

About 30s to a minute. It happened about every 30mn but there was a lot of clouds and the volcano was often hidden.