Milkyway over Mt Assiniboine by Nico BABOT
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Milkyway over Mt Assiniboine

March 8, 2018

Here is a shot I took of the milky way setting behind Mount Assiniboine last summer. I had been planning this shot for a year already, dreaming of the day I could make it to this part of Canada. To add to the emotion, that month was the last month of the year when the milky way was visible in that part of the world so this was a "now or see you in a year" kind of situation... Glad it turned out being a cloudless night!

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Reza Arianmehr's picture

Great job, great composition. A nice night sky shot.

Reza Arianmehr's picture

Impressive story, congratulations ❤️

Nico BABOT's picture

Thanks Reza. It was a special night.