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Heart of the Mountain

While landscape photographer is one of my main passions in life, this hike started out as a way to get two of my best friends out of the house for a few hours as they were both having rough time in life.
We started at 3am so we could get to this lake for sunrise and while I had shot this photo many times before this morning was different.
To the left of the mountain you can see some cloud just starting to sweep in front of the mountain, this is a large snow storm that at the time of shooting acted as a perfect soft box just as the sun came out.
It wasn't until days later that I noticed the heart shape in the reflection.

Sunrise of Mt Taranaki in New Zealand.

10mm · f/22.0 · 3s · ISO 400
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Wow. This is such a great shot. I feel like landscape photography doesn't get enough attention on this site!

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It's all boobs and iPhones!! Hahaha kidding here! But you are right...landscape is beeing somehow forgotten.

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It has been far to long but I have finally filled out the description, Cheers

Shyama Prasad Mishra's picture

One of my favorite photo in Fstopper :) I almost missed the Heart.


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Stunning, I really like this.

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NZ is simply the most amazing place on earth. This photo proves it once again. Great shot!!

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Beautiful exposure.

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Awesome shot! Congrats

Anonymous's picture

Heart of the mountain ... beautiful!

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loving these blue hues here

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Really great image! Very creative, great eye

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Fantastic landscape. The water with the mountain in the top looks like a heart, and then you have the reflection, the little water, the mountain and the clouds. Very nice composure.

Philip Chavez's picture

Perfect !!!!!!!!!!!

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Purely amazing composition! Great job! Highly enjoyable! Very good and excellent in every way!

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Nice to see a healthy dose of creative relationship instead of the usual steady stream of technically perfect cliches... Good job!