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To The Right

This is a shot of the amazing bubbles from Abraham Lake. Even though the frozen bubbles provide a lot of interest in photographs, I'd have to say my favourite part about shooting here is all the reflected light that bounces off the ice, and how it absorbs whatever colour is in the sky. During a spectacular sunset, everything explodes with colour..........Oh, I almost failed to tell you all about the insane sunset colours that exploded 5 minutes after capturing this shot......COMPLETELY OUT OF MY EFFIN' FRAME!!!! After taking this, I spend a few minutes scrambling around trying to find an interesting composition, towards a completely uninteresting big hill where the light was coming from. After many failed compositions, I conceded, and sat my ass down on the ice and tried to enjoy the bath of pink I was given from the wrong direction.I name this image..."To the Right"

14mm · f/812 · 1/20 · ISO 160
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Stupendous image, made all the more interesting by your hilarious story.