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Crystalline Chamber

Very rarely do I find a composition that I am truly thrilled about at first glance. However, after crawling my body down into this small winter window I was extremely excited about what I saw through the camera. There is something about organized complexity in images that is very hard to find and pull off, and this spot checked every box on my list of things I hoped to find.

Over the course of three and a half days I focused all my attention on shooting these icicles. I honestly don't even want to mention how many hours I was laying on the ice. I will say though, If anyone is interested you can see the melted outline of my body here until spring.

Even though this cave looks relatively large, the longest icicles pictured are barely over a foot high. This made for a tight squeeze and a technical nightmare to photograph, however by using some focus blending techniques I was able to render the entire scene sharp. Though unlike my typical perfectionist ways, I could not use a tripod for the massive focus stack. Instead I had to resort to using one of the greatest inventions of this century as my camera support....A box of Wet Wipes. The best dual purpose item ever in my opinion. Dual purpose, but only SINGLE USE!!! Don't get it twisted.

All kidding aside, I hope you enjoy the image as mush as I do even if it is relatively subdued. Although I have witnessed some truly incredible light and natural conditions over the past year, this would have to be my personal favourite and most inspired composition to date.

14mm · f/11 · mixed · ISO 100
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Awesome image, well worth the effort

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Well done.

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Which place in Canada? Beautiful picture!

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