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A Guides Eye View

Two mountain guides direct a helicopter into land high in the Swiss Alps. I took this shot whilst shooting an extreme ski and snowboard competition - the Nendaz Freeride FWQ. I had been dropped just before on the peak and with the permission of the guides cowered down behind them to capture this shot when the remaining supplies were delivered. My lens took a bit of a battering and I could only hold myself in position properly for a few seconds as the rush of snow debris was insane at this point.

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incredible energy

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Thanks Lee - really appreciate you checking out my shot and the Editor's pick.

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Great composition Philip it is why I love black and white.

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Cheers Michael, really appreciate you stopping by and commenting on my shot.

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This photo is amazing! Nice work 👍🏼

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Thanks Dale, much appreciated!

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Awesome shot Philip, I love it. You stuck it out and did what you needed to do, to get the shot. The fact that it's in B&W just adds to it for me. Good work.

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Thanks for the awesome comment Andrew - really appreciate it!

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World class for sure. So much energy in this image and such an interesting point of view. I can safely say I've never seen anything like it before!

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Wow, thanks Danial - appreciate your awesome comment!

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Wow, what a superb shot

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Cheers, appreciate your comment Ben!

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SO MUCH momentum in this image !! great job !!

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Cheers Genesis!

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I love everything about this shot and edit! Just a ton of energy! Feel like I have to wipe the snow off of my face right now. EPIC

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Cheers Parrish - really appreciate your comment!

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Stunning image.

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Thanks William!