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Scotland - Old Man of Storr

No matter how often you've seen this view - and I am pretty sure you've already seen it over a million times - but this view never stops to amaze. You'll probably understand the full significance of that place when you stood there for yourself. The proportions, how small one seems to be compared to what mother nature created on our great and yet so small spaceship. Being there in that very place is a true eyeopener. All that remains is silence, awe, humbleness ...and goosebumps !

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Awesome view and i like the decent saturation! Well done!

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thanks a lot alvaro ! glad you like it :)

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danke dir patrick :)

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That's about as good as I've seen this place photographed. Awesome image and light! I wish the weather was always this good on Syke. Last time I went was pretty unlucky. Still, if you want to visit the area again, I can recommend the peak Sgurr na Stri. Somehow there aren't too many great shots from up there yet, and it's not as well known or crowded.

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thanks a lot lukas ! oh hell yeah this spot looks amazing. didnt know about it when i was visiting elgol ! thanks for sharing your experience...i will be back for sure...

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Perfect ! Stunning!

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thanks bruce :) glad you like it

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Great photo ! love the light :)

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thank you so much marius :) glad you like it

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thanks so much eugene :-D :-O <3

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