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Baseball Portrait

This photo was taken during a high school senior portrait session. I was recently inspired by Matt Hernandez http://www.matthernandezcreative.com/ and his senior sport images. I needed a way to gain more interest in my town and I thought creating "epic" sports portraits was the perfect way to do it!

Golden hour was upon us and I knew it was the perfect time for the "Matt Hernandez" image. I took out my 36" umbrella and set it up to camera left. (It was literally just off camera. It had to be pretty close.) I wanted to keep detail in the green field behind him so the sky was left mostly washed out. My speedlight is also not the strongest but I made do with what I had and it was enough to shoot at f/6.3.

I brought it into Photoshop and used some tips from a Phlearn tutorial to replace the sky.

Canon 60D
50mm · f/6.3 · ISO 100
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Thanks Rebecca!

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This is really nice...and I like the post work as well. This senior had to be happy with the result...frankly anyone would be.

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Thanks very much! The best part is seeing the reaction to the photo from the client. I love these types of photos because seniors feel like they are on a movie poster because of them!

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great retouching

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Thanks Cody!

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Killer work man!

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Thanks very much! I really appreciate it!