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Painted by light

Although the composition is not particularly innovative or unique, this is still one of my all-time favourite images. Probably everyone visiting the Dolomites has a shot of this place, but it surely looks different in every photo. On this particular evening the light was absolutely stunning, changing the view every other minute - a magnificent Lichtspiel (a glorious display of light), as we'd describe it in German. / Shot on a Nikon D5300, by mistake as low quality JPEG; still major favourite

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Love this image, Hajnalka. The composition may not be "innovative or unique" but it's a good one, which is critical in my view to any image; it would be one of my "all-time favourite images" if I'd made it. We don't have such spectacular mountains here in Australia, but my best efforts are along similar lines.

- Chris Jablonski

Thank so much for your kind words, Chris. I really do appreciate your comment. I hope you'll have the chance to visit the Dolomites one day, it is quite a spectacle. Though, I'm sure the Australian coast offers you endless photographic possibilities too.