Rainbows, especially at the right place at the right time, are a rare treat for the photographer. Perhaps it’s their transient existence that makes them so enchanting. Rainbows remind us to cherish the moment. They remind us that from the right perspective the sun is always shining, we just need to find the light, sometimes perhaps within ourselves. Rainbows are a spark of hope in our hearts. I’d like to dedicate this to those brave people who were/are trying to stop the fires raging in the Amazon rainforests.

* This image was taken handheld on a rainy late summer hike in the Dolomites. The rainwbow faded very quickly, so if I were to set up my tripod, I would have never captured this image. Rainy days can be really great. The weather's never really for landscape photography, it's just maybe not what we envisioned or more challenging than expected ;)

70mm (+crop) · f/11 · 1/60 · ISO 100
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