Stokksnes feels like a place out of this world. An endless number of amazing compositions could be had here. Given you’re not late for sunrise and don’t have to run around with your camera and tripod like a maniac to find one you really like. I had a very clear idea of what I wanted to capture, desperately looking for patterns in the jet black sand among the dunes. Unfortunately, much of it was already ruined by deep footsteps. This is not exactly what I had in mind but the image captures the ethereal quality of this unique location

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Nice komp👌👌

Thanks so much, Hans!

This is a fenomenal shot, great rendition of this location.

Thanks, Celso. Glad you like this version!

This is excellent, the composition is identical to my version. Great work.

Thanks, Cesar. Would absolutely love to see your version of the place. Unfortunately, I could only find one image of Stokksnes on your insta account / hompage (https://bit.ly/2SPDZ87), but that doesn't look much like this to me. Perhaps you'd like to share it on one of your platforms? Would be fantastic!

LOL, you are absolutely right, I didn´t share it on Fstoppers, I just realized that.

Your version has more pronounced leading lines which makes it far superior than my version.

Anyway if you would like to have a look at my image you can find it on my personal website.


You're right, the images have a similar feel to them :) cool! Great website btw.

Beautiful image - great composition, and excellent light.

Thank you, Eugene! Means a lot :)

gorgeous ! scary looking place but, gorgeous.