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Birds Eye

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joel germain's picture

I really like to photo, espacially the play with the forms. The woman is quite an addition to the photo, but, when you look at it, you first glance in the water and after 10 minutes, you notice the woman next to it. Nicely done.

Sam Russell's picture

love the composition and position here. Beautiful model obviously kicks things up a notch

Chris Reist's picture

just outstanding .)

Mark Strand's picture

I really like this photo, but I have a thought about it (and I could easily be in the minority about this): if you instruct this same model not to "pose for a photo," in her learned model posturing, but rather asked her to lie in that chair and think about whether she might or might not, at some point, hop in that hot tub, there would be a "real" factor that would blow this image off the charts. Every ingredient is there, and yet my mind cannot escape from the notion that this woman knows she is being photographed, and is primping for the camera. (Having said all of this, it's great as it is!)

Jason Bodden's picture

You people do know pictures like this are done this way on purpose, right? It's FASHION photography. If it looks posed it's because they want it to look that way.

Emma Grigoryan's picture

I remember this photo, this means a lot.

gjvwsp's picture

Love the photo, although a bit unnatural position for the model sunbathing. Makes the foto feel a little strange. Just my opinion.

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