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Purple Dreams

December 11, 2018

I went out this year to really try to push my astrophotography skills. I tried all sort of different techniques to figure out which conditions fit my aesthetic. I shot this during a quarter moon, which helped illuminate the flowers while giving nice detail to the milky. The light pollution to the right of mount st helens is from Portland and Vancouver. I loved how the night lit up from the moon, giving it a very ethereal feel to this gorgeous area.

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Fantastic work!

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Sir! This is almost cinematic. In my opinion this could not be better. Change NOTHING.

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Well dang Charles thank you!! ❤️

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Fabulous colours and composition

Chris Silvis's picture

Great depth! Captured everything from the ground to the heavens. Im jealous.😉

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Stunning scene.

Kshitij Goswami's picture


Jokes aside though I love this image, I always have difficulty pulling purple off so good to see its possible! <3

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lol! Honestly I just walked the trails of mount st helens. IT was my first time there! Tons of spots are accessible like this!

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Great Shot Jerad!