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Last Light at First Light

Cold winter morning as the golden hour approaches, this lamppost stands alone, becoming less and less necessary as the minutes pass.

Nikon d7200
60mm · f/10 · 1/400 · ISO 200
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Very graphic image! Like it. Anyone'd think you're a graphic designer... ;-)

This shot actually makes me laugh a bit, the subject is quite boring. I was up early before golden hour waiting for the sunrise. I was using this lamppost to test out some settings for low light exposure. If your to look at it on my monitor it is tack-sharp (doesn't look that way on FS), not sure how I pulled that off being hand held, very low light, and shivering in 22 degree weather, haha.

Well, you did a good job, Joe! It could be a studio set-up tripod shot. I think it'd be even better with the lights down a bit & left, but I guess you were concentrating on technical issues.

That pristine quality in the shot and the stark design of the lamps combine to create a curiously other-worldly look.

Thank you